Inflatable slides

SLIDE THE OCEAN, MT. 4,5 X 4,5 X 2,8 (H)


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Chiama Ora

  • Inflatable slide for The Magic Ocean, colorful, and fun. Great scenic impact, fast the slip. The double slide allows you descents multiple and at the same time to join in on the fun. Lifts central with double handrail for easy-lift without the effort. Conforms to the UNI EN 14960 Ideal for playgrounds, amusement parks, outdoor games, beaches, bathing establishments, entertainment areas, in general, daycare rest areas, hotels, restaurants and pizzerias, party room.

    • Size cm. 450 x 450 x 280 (h)
    • Multiple attacks for the engine
    • Hinges multiple of deflation
    • 1-year warranty
    • Engine included
    • Identification code DM.18/05/07 included.

    DM08052007UNIEN14Format Targhe