Play Casoria following your projects from analysis to implementation: we evaluate the possibilities and recommend to the client the most effective options from the technical point of view, always bearing in mind the cost/benefit ratio.

Our team follows the customer step by step through the stages of the implementation of each project:


Prior to the implementation of any (FEC) family enternaiment centre and/or areas of entertainment for children, it's essential to make an analysis of the total project, both from the point of view of costs and benefits, both from the technical point of view-design, i.e. the feasibility and the most effective means for its realization, not to mention the timing

Our expert consultants will advise you the most suitable solutions to your needs once you have analyzed the context in which the activity takes place, we will move on to the next phase of design, during which will be proposed a project to refine and complete according to the tastes and budget of the client. Then, inspection of, design of a 3D project and definition of the contract.


Before beginning an activity such as the management of a playroom, nursery, or, more generally, an area dedicated to entertainment of children, you need to plan everything well and place the structures and services in an optimal way: in this perspective, the design of the spaces has a fundamental role to simplify the management of customers and equipment, because an error at this stage can lead to serious difficulties in the performance of activities and the occurrence of high costs for the relocation better.


Play Casoria creates and produces each structure in accordance with the legislation in force (UNI-EN >1177/1176 - UNI EN 14960) depending on the cases), and accompanied by complete documentation for release of the necessary authorisations and licenses. In addition, our team of experts is always on the constant search for materials and innovative processes that can respond to the needs of convenience, safety and creativity of products designed for children and their psycho-motor development.


Make sure the area chosen is suitable ! Depending on the activity (child care, playroom, school, play areas in malls, restaurants, pizzerias, etc..) that you intend to open, we recommend that you take the information at the Municipality where you intend to exercise and what are the requirements to be fulfilled. In fact, a common error is to assume that the local has the right destination to use realizing that it is not so only after you've spent some time and money.

To reach our offices photos and floor plans with the relative size of the areas concerned. It is important if jobs are to be carried out (adjustment toilet, construction of ceilings, doors, emergency, etc,) put it well in evidence. This will allow you to avoid errors that can compromise the set-up.

Communicate their ideas on how to organize it (if you already has some experience). Providing this information helps to develop a project in line with their needs, thus saving considerably on time and costs.



Play Casoria makes transport and installation on the whole national and european territory. A correct installation of the equipment allows you to avoid future risks, both for users and for operators. Our qualified staff is able to quickly perform the assembly work of the structures with its release of the documentation required by the law.


Play Casoria offers continuous assistance to its customer: the experience in the games industry from design to construction, we help you troubleshoot any problems that may occur after installation. Thanks to our direct numbers you can contact us for any of your needs. From Mon to Fri from 09:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00. The Saturday from 09:00 to 13:00

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Thanks to agreements with reliable partners, and experience in the field of funding, the Play Casoria offers the possibility of purchasing immediate and deferred payment in installments.