Certifications and Safety


When you choose a game the first question you need to ask is, if THE GAME IS SAFE and suitable for the purpose. Underestimate the security to the advantage sometimes of the spectacle exposes you to significant risks and, above all, exposes users, children, damage, or permanent injury.

The Play Casoria availing of specialised staff and external certification Bodies, can provide a high degree of safety of its products, manufactured and controlled according to the best applicable standards for use (CE mark for toys, UNI14960 for inflatable toys, EN71 or EN1176 for playground, plastic Playground both for indoor and outdoor). And even in the case of products not of its own production, the company performs the checks according to the highest safety standards of reference.

So THE FIRST THING to DO IS TO COME visit US so that as soon as you can touch with hand our professionalism and our products.



certificazioniAll games are designed, made and tested according to the most restrictive rules.

In fact, starting from the choice of materials which, besides being of excellent quality responding to the requirements of the rules of safety (toxicity, flammability, trapping, etc) until you get to the controls on the finished product, the Play Casoria today has a solidity in the sector that has grown over time and that today has led it to be a point of reference in the games industry.


The equipment that fall within the area of the traveling show (inflatable Games, Playground indoor, Trampolines etc etc) have, by law, need a id code and, therefore, should pay close attention at the time of purchase of the game if the company issues together with the game code and all the documentation in the kit, worth the impossibility of the same. All the games of the Play Casoria which are listed in the ministerial of the traveling show, ARE ALREADY EQUIPPED with IDENTIFICATION CODE, as verified with a positive result from the Commission of Vigilance of the Municipal and equipped with manual of use and maintenance booklet of activities, a Statement of correct assembly and Testing. Then immediately after the purchase, you can use the game in full respect of the regulations.


The Playcasoria makes use of the best Certification Bodies for verification of their products: