Inflatable slides

SLIDE, MICKEY MT. 6 X 8 X 6.6 (H)


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Chiama Ora

  • Inflatable slide, Mickey mouse. Inspired by the legendary comic book this inflatable great impact of the set certainly offers the right fun for children. With of six towers decorated in the theme. And is provided with a network of containment in the top maximum safety. Conforming to the UNI EN 14960. Ideal for playgrounds, amusement parks, outdoor games, beaches, bathing resorts, areas of entertainment in general, playgrounds, rest areas, hotels, restaurants and pizzerias, party room.

    • Size cm. 600 x 800 x 660 (h)
    • Multiple attacks for the engine
    • Hinges multiple of deflation
    • 1-year warranty
    • Engine included

    DM08052007UNIEN14Format Targhe