Inflatable slides

SLIDE FOREST MT. 3.2 X 5.4 X 2.7 IN (H)


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Chiama Ora

  • Inflatable slide Forest. Suitable for both environments open to closed. And’ chute, practical, versatile, easy to place thanks to its regular shape. His slip is not overly fast makes it also suitable for small children. Boarding ladder with handrail. Network security to the top for a game in the utmost safety. Conforming to the UNI EN 14960Ideal for playgrounds, amusement parks, outdoor games, beaches, bathing establishments, entertainment areas, in general, daycare rest areas, hotels, restaurants and pizzerias, party room.

    • SCV16 dimensions: cm. 320 x 540 x 330 (H)
    • SCV17 dimensions: cm. 320 x 540 x 270 (H)
    • Multiple attacks for the engine
    • Hinges multiple of deflation
    • 1-year warranty
    • Engine Gibbons included.

    DM08052007.pngUNIEN14.pngformat targhe