Terms and conditions of sale

Ownership of the site
The internet site (hereinafter Site) is owned by PLAYCASORIA SRL, with legal headquarters in via Camillo Cucca 120 – 80031 – Brusciano (Na), and is aimed at the sale of products and services on-line.

General provisions
These terms and conditions are valid exclusively between the company PLAYCASORIA SRL, with legal headquarters in via Camillo Cucca 120 – 80031 – Brusciano (Na), hereinafter referred to as "PLAYCASORIA SRL" and any person making purchases online on the website hereinafter referred to as "CUSTOMER". These conditions may be subject to changes, and the date of publication of the same on the site is equivalent to the date of entry into force.
These conditions regulate purchases made on the site in accordance with the provisions of Part III, Title III, Chapter I, of the Consumer Code, Legislative decree. no. 206/2005, as amended by D. lgs. no. 21/2014 and by the D. lgs. 70/2003 regarding electronic commerce.

Any communication relating to this agreement and the related contractual relationship (e.g. for withdrawal, defects, etc.) should be sent, in respect of the times and ways agreed upon and/or required by law, to the following addresses:

Playcasoria srl
Via Camillo Cucca 120
80031 Brusciano (NA)
The certified e-mail:

Acceptance of the general conditions of sale
By placing an order according to the various methods provided in the Site, the Customer declares to have taken vision of all the indications supplied during the purchase procedure and accept the general conditions of sale and payment transcribed below.
The present general conditions of sale, along with the conditions regarding the mode of delivery and payment of goods, are an integral part of the contract concluded between the Customer and the Playcasoria srl.
Therefore, the Playcasoria srl invites you to read carefully the present general conditions of sale, print or otherwise retain a copy.

Reserve of Property
The delivered products remain the property of Playcasoria Srl until full payment is made.

The delivery terms are indicative and are calculated in working days and is therefore excluded any responsibility of the Play Casoria Srl for any damages arising from early or late delivery, total or partial. If the Buyer is not in order with payments relating to other supplies, the elapse of the term of delivery is suspended and PlayCasoria Srl may delay delivery until the Buyer has paid the sums due. If, for reasons not attributable to the Play Casoria Srl, the Buyer or the carrier from this designated fails to take delivery of the products, PlayCasoria Srl, upon notice to Buyer, may store them by charging the latter with any related cost incurred.

Delays justifiable
Playcasoria srl will not be responsible for the non-observance of its contractual obligations to the extent that such failure arises, directly or indirectly, from: (a) causes not attributable to and/or causes of force majeure; (b) actions (or omissions) of Buyer including failure to provide the information and approvals necessary to Play Casoria Srl to proceed with the work, and the consequent supply of the products; c) failure to comply with the terms of payment by Buyer; (d) inability to obtain materials, components or services necessary for the execution of the work and the supply of the products. In the event that you were to check any of these assumptions, PlayCasoria Srl will communicate it to the Buyer along with the quantification of the possible delay and the new delivery date.

The responsibility of Playcasoria Srl, whether arising from the execution or non-execution of the contract, warranty, tort or whether arising from strict liability, shall not in any case exceed the value of the product to which such liability relates. In no case Play Casoria Srl will be liable for loss of profits, or loss of profit, or for non-use or technical breakdown of the product or any associated activity, for claims of the Purchaser and/or any third party relating to the aforementioned damages or for any other damage or indirect or consequential.

How to purchase
The Customer can buy the products visible at the address shown in the homepage of the Site within the respective sections by product category, as described in the relative informative cards.

The products published on the site may be:

  • "available" in warehouse physically, and as such, the Customer can purchase;
  • "not available" in the warehouse, marked "not available". In this case, the product may not be ordered by the Customer and, if he so desires, can ask by e-mail when the product will be available again.

Since the simultaneous access of many users-clients and the simultaneous possibility of orders on-line alter product availability, it may occur that an article, despite being available, in reality was just exhausted. In these cases, the Customer will be immediately informed via e-mail or telephone and any money already paid will be refunded.

To be able to make a purchase, it is necessary that the Customer is registered to the site. The registration will allow you to get some advantages, including the possibility of not having to re-enter your data for future purchases and be able to store orders for your consultation, follow the shipping.

In the time of the purchase, the Customer has the possibility to choose the Mode of delivery and Payment for the product that he prefers, and to be informed of the Right of withdrawal, warranty and returns of products.
The acceptance of the order by Playcasoria srl is confirmed by sending a confirmation email to the email address communicated by the Customer at the time of the making of the order.
Playcasoria srl reserves the right, in its sole discretion, not to accept the order. In this case, the Customer will be promptly informed of the non-execution of the same.
The Customer undertakes to verify the correctness of the data present in the e-mail confirmation of the order and to immediately report to Playcasoria srl any errors or omissions.
The order confirmation email contains the following data:
Number and date of the order
Product/s, quantity, price
The type of payment choice
The type and cost of Transport
Amount total order
Personal data and address of the Customer
Population data and the address of the recipient of the goods
Further data relating to the order and the mode of evasion

The selling prices of the products published on the Site are excluding VAT.

The right of withdrawal
The sales of products via Internet are governed by the law D. Lgs n. 206 of 06/09/2005, which regulates the matter of distance contracts, that is done outside of business premises. This legislation establishes the right of withdrawal, i.e. the possibility for the consumer to return the product purchased and to obtain reimbursement of the expenditure incurred. This right is reserved exclusively to physical persons (consumers), therefore cannot be exercised by legal persons and physical persons who act for scopes of a professional activity. To exercise the right of withdrawal must send within 10 working days from the receipt of the goods, a registered letter with return receipt, or a PEC in which it is his intention to withdraw from the contract. As soon as we receive this communication we will contact you to provide you with the return. The only costs at your expense are those for return of the product. Please send such notice and not to return goods: you will be in fact contacted as soon as possible to be informed about the mode and the address of the return.
The right of withdrawal totally decays if the returned product is not intact, namely:

  • the original packaging is missing
  • the absence of integral elements of the product
  • damage to the product for causes different from transportation.

Therefore, in case the product you purchased for any reason, does not satisfy you, you can withdraw by returning the goods to the above-mentioned conditions. In this case, it is important that the product is returned intact and without damage, in its original packaging. As soon as the goods will be received and verified its integrity, we will immediately refund the price you paid for the item purchased (excluding shipping costs which remain the responsibility of the purchaser) through bank transfer.

Warranty and defects of conformity

All items sold are new and covered by the official warranty of the manufacturer.
To the delivery or receipt of the goods, the customer is obliged to immediately verify the integrity and correct operation.
The warranty does not cover minor defects that have negligible effect on the value or the functionality of the product.
In the case in which the purchased products are not working or have defects serious that make it impossible to use, the customer is required to give a notice accompanied by photographic documentation of a PlayCasoria srl at the addresses indicated above not later than days 5 from delivery or receipt.
Spent vain the deadline, you will not be able to proceed with no replacement and no refund.
Upon receipt of the above communication, PlayCasoria srl will promptly indicate the mode and the address to return the goods.
The return of the goods is always at the care and expense of the customer.
In the case where the defects reported outside of the warranty, PlayCasoria ltd will at its own expense return the goods replaced/repaired/reconditioned.
In the case where the defects reported are NOT covered by the warranty, PlayCasoria srl will charge the customer the cost of verification and return of the goods and, on request, to make the appropriate estimate for the repair.
Please return the goods delivered complete with accessories and/or any other party, in its original packaging, with no affix labels or stickers.
Everything is to be placed in a cardboard box well packed or in the case of goods voluminous on the pallet.
The terms of the warranty shall lapse in the following cases:

  • Neglect, abuse, misuse or inexpert use, use and installation which are incorrect or inappropriate;
  • Cuts caused by the use of blades or the other for the disintegration of the packaging;
  • Electric shock and tensions that do not conform to the characteristics of the product described in the instructions or in the labels of reference;
  • With incorrect installations or improper changes, does not conform to the specifications of the manufacturer;
  • By the use of accessories and consumption material that is not original;
  • To tampering of the product;
  • For any intervention on the part of the customer, on products under warranty. Any intervention must be previously and exclusively authorized for enrolled from the Play Casoria srl;
  • For damages, accidents and faults caused by or arising from transport or fortuitous, is not dependent on the Play Casoria srl.

The parties expressly agree that PlayCasoria srl is not liable for any delays in repairs and/or replacements.


For the resolution of any civil disputes arising from the interpretation, execution and termination of this agreement, if the customer is a legal person, the competent court is the court of the place where the seat of PlayCasoria srl.
If the Customer is a consumer (ie a person who buys goods for purposes not related to his professional activity), the territorial jurisdiction lies with the court of the place of residence or domicile of the consumer, if located in Italy.

The present general conditions of sale will remain valid and effective until they are modified and/or supplemented by Playcasoria srl.
Any changes and/or additions will be effective from the date of publication of the same in the internet site