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  • Protection for the heater is applicable to any of the radiator - convector - the object protruding from the wall. It is built by responding to the norm UNI 10809 3.3, which provides the distance of the vertical bars is less than or equal of 10cm.

    The guarantees inattraversabilità of the structure, given its design allows an efficient exchange of heat of the radiating body. The copricalorifero is anchored almuro by means of bolts in stainless steel diam. 10mm with screw 8ma stainless steel A2 that guarantee the solidity of the anchorage to the wall and a high strength of security.

    The special anchoring system that limits the possibility of tampering attempts protection from unauthorized personnel. For maintenance of any kind it is extremely simple to authorized personnel the momentary removal of the protection.

    • Colors: pipes diam. 42 : yellow – white – blue – red
    • joints: yellow – white
    • tubes diam. 25: yellow – red – white – blue
    • element anchor them to the wall : red
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